Lago Vista High School XC Course Restoration

Why? Recent construction at the high school has displaced sections of the trail used by the high school cross country (xc) teams to host meets and practice on.

What’s Needed

  • Volunteers!
  • Trailhead Maps (routes mapping, illustrations, construction, installation)
  • Equipment borrow/lease (chainsaw, cedar clearing, small tractor, etc.)
  • Mulch or decomposed granite
  • Drainage pipe
  • Small footbridge
  • Aid station

How can you Help?

For Businesses or Families:

  • Adopt-A-Trail (Loop or segment)
  • Sign up for the Oktoberfest fundraiser 5k
  • Donate/lend any equipment or materials listed above

For Individuals and Families

  • Volunteer with the family
  • Run the Oktoberfest fundraiser (donation option on sign up)
  • Get the family out there! The more people use the trail the more attention it will get!