Lago Vista Athletics General Club, Race, Clinic, and Events Policies. These policies shall govern events in the absence of event specific policies:

Weather Cancellation Policy

Our hope is that every event is able to continue as scheduled. In the event of adverse weather, we will move forward with the event so long as it can be done SAFELY. The following guidelines shall govern the race director in determining whether the event should be delayed or cancelled. The race director shall make the determination. In his/her absence or incapacity, the race timer shall have that discretion.

Rain in itself shall not cancel a race. If the national weather service issues a flash flood watch or warning, the local authorities may be consulted in determining whether to delay or cancel the race.

Lightning present within 10 miles of any part of the course shall result in delay until 30 minutes have passed without lightning in that vicinity IF guests are offered safe lodging during the delay. If lightning is expected to continue for more than an hour after the race’s planned start time, or any part of the course becomes unavailable due to scheduling, the race may be cancelled.

Hail that is expected by the national weather service to be nickel sized or smaller will not automatically cancel a race. Whether participants have access to regular cover along the race course shall be taken into consideration by the director.

Heat is a leading cause of harm to runners during races. Race length, number of hydration stations and access to shade respite areas may be considered in determining whether a race can continue. The race director shall have the prerogative to put a limit on the length of time a race may continue. For example, if temperatures are expected to become unsafe at a certain time, the director may allow the event to move forward subject to participants’ agreeing to stop if they cannot complete the event by the end time.

Severe thunderstorm watches, high winds, gusts, and extreme cold are all subject to cancellation or delay at te descretion of the race director.

Severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings shall result in immediate cancellation of the event if started.