What Does Sponsoring Look Like?

Sponsorship can be anything from sponsoring a single part of the bigger event (such as shirts or emcee) to sponsoring branded equipment that will be used for years, to “title” sponsoring the bigger event. Which is right for you? That depends on your goals. For example, our two most common forms of sponsorship don’t involve money or venue. Our marketing sponsors, as one example, help us share the event with the community while letting their customers know that they are a part of it. Or another example is volunteer sponsorships, where a company, church, club or team commits 5 or more volunteers to help at a certain event (say Hydration Station, Cheer, or Parking) in exchange for promotion and vendor spots.

The best way to find the right opportunity for you is to reach out to us directly at LagoRuns@gmail.com so we can discuss your goals and propose opportunities.

We get it though. Sometimes you just want a list to get ideas and put hypothetical numbers together. So we put together an outline below. There are more opportunities than this, and some overlap (either/or).

oktoberfest 5k lago vista



2023 Race Title Sponsor


*Presented by You

*You name/logo on official trailhead map (pending approval)

*Weekly social media post

*Branding on all race emails

*Level 1 logo on shirt

*Branded on website with dofollow backlinks

Tear-tag sponsors (1-3 available)

($200 + value of $5+ for all racers, age appropriate)

* Company name on all bibs

*Branding on all race emails

*Level 2 logo on shirt

*Giveaway promoted frequently

Drink/Refreshment Sponsor

* Please provide banner or sign to place on water station and/or at start/finish tables


*Medals for all ($400+) gets level 2 shirt logo, promotion email, and sponsor named in all social media posts about the awards. Sponsor has option to make custom branded medals

* For overall & division winners instead ($100) logo is included on shirt & sponsor promoted on social media posts about awards

Photo sponsor

*watermark permitted

*Set up photo booth at start/finish

*Level 2 shirt logo

*social media mentions

Volunteer sponsors (estimated 25 volunteers)

*Option to sponsor volunteer shirts with only the sponsor logo on back (can team up and we will split logo space between)

*All volunteer vouchers of $250 cumulative value will be listed as level 3 shirt logo on runner shirts

Cause/Benefit Sponsors & Donations

*$1000 donation will have logo on course trailhead maps & online digital trail map; plus level 2 shirt sponsor placement

* $500 donation to cause is level 2 shirt sponsor and logo on online trail map

* $250 donation to cause

Kids Run Sponsor

*Sponsor kids run shirts with only your logo(s) and be named Kids Run Overall sponsor

Why sponsor Race Day Equipment? LVA owns 3-4 races per year where the equipment will be used. The following list is the physical assets that will be re-used at future events for the useful life of the donation. Choose durable equipment and brand it well to get years of life out of the sponsorship. If the equipment is not ordinarily highly visible (i.e., timing system) please provide branded signs to display at start/finish

  • Start/Finish inflatable ($500)
  • PA System
  • Timing system ($5400)
  • Course clocks ($1800)
  • Course mile marks ($250-$700)
    • Miles 1-3 Sponsored by Backyard Arboriculture
  • Inflatable screen & Projector for live-streaming drone footage, pump up start video, promoting cause race benefits & displaying sponsors